Working with PDF sewing patterns

You have purchased a beautiful pattern from the


from Sewing Studio 6 and, of course, want to get started right away! Here is a handy step-by-step tutorial on how to quickly and efficiently print out the pattern at home, have it printed on A0 or project it via a projector.

PDF sewing pattern printing

After purchasing a pattern from the


you will immediately receive two files;

  • A PDF file in A4 ‘ home printing
  • and an A0 plotter / projector file.

Home printing says it all, you can print this file yourself on your own printer at home. You can have an A0 file printed at a copy shop or it can be used for a projector.

A4 printing at home

To open the PDF files, you need the program “Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download it for free at

Always open your files in Acrobat Reader after saving them to your computer. Do not let them open as previews in the Internet browser. Files may become corrupted and functionality such as layers may disappear.

print by size in adobe

Printing by size

Once you’ve opened the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader then you can turn the different layers on and off on the left side of the screen. Each layer is a different size. So you can see different sizes with layers on and off.

In this example you can see all sizes with an eye symbol in front of them, so all sizes are visible


print two layers per size as an example

In this example you see the symbol of the eye only checked for sizes XL and XXL this means that when you print you will only see sizes XL and XXL.


example how to print pdf sewing patterns at home

PDF sewing pattern print at home

Be sure to print the pattern at “full size or 100%”. For print orientation, select “automatic portrait/ landscape”.


measure the control square with a ruler

Before you print out all the pages, print only the first page first. On the first sheet of the pattern is a test square measuring 5 x 5 cm. Measure these. If this one is correct then feel free to print out the rest.



After you print out the A4 sheets, cut or trim all right sides and top edges of the pages along the indicated margin lines.

Then stick the A4 sheets together with tape by sticking the triangles with the same numbers together.


A0 plotter file or projector

You will receive the pattern not only in A4 format but also in an A0 format. You can have an A0 file printed at a copy shop or it can be used for a projector.


A0 pattern on a wooden table PDF sewing pattern printing

Getting an A0 file printed

Below I give some websites suggestions where you can have a PDF pattern printed and sent to your home.