Samantha Heemskerk

Certified seamstress, teacher and pattern designer at Sewing Studio 6

”I have enjoyed teaching sewing classes to beginners and advanced students since 2012.”

Samantha Heemskerk
overview sewing studio 6

Sewing Studio 6

The studio is a large room of 6.5 x 4 meters on the second floor of our house.

There is a large custom-made table in the middle with spacious and professional workstations. There is a large cutting table in the corner where you can cut your fabrics while standing.

Overlooking the water of the


, it is a quiet and inspiring space for sewing classes.


My name is Samantha Heemskerk and I am the owner of

Sewing studio 6

since 2012. If you are at

sewing class

I will guide you.

I was born in 1984 and am very happy with my lovely husband, two daughters and a cat.

Since I went to sewing class by myself, with the sewing machine between my knees on the scooter. Sewing has always played a central role in my life. I have made everything from a gym bag, garments, jackets, baby clothes, costumes and wedding dresses. Worn out several tornado knives and obtained several recognized diplomas.

Personally, I think I have the most fun job ever, and love to share my knowledge with you. Both in the blogs, newsletters and my

patterns webshop



I work with the pattern magazine Knipmode
And am one of the official Knipmode professionals sewing schools.


My mobile makes a very cute; “cha-ching” sound when a pattern is sold. And every time then I make a joy dance.

Pattern sales

40 weeks a year I teach sewing classes and during the summer break I draw patterns and sew clothes on commission from

Nelly Vogler

For opera Noord-holland-noord.

In the corona period I started working with Chantal Hogenes of


. We have taken, and are still taking, several courses. To do so with the well-known program



adobe Illustrator

, very accurate and extensively tested patrons to create.

It takes about 2 months to make a new pattern. Consider designing, drawing out, testing, modifying, writing a manual, taking and uploading photos.

It’s great to be totally focused on a PDF sewing pattern which can then be purchased

from the



MTS architecture
September 2000 to June 2004

Through this completed technical training, I developed my spatial insight to the fullest and I use this to this day in pattern drawing and reading technical work descriptions.

Movak Coupeuse
September 2003 to June 2005

At the renowned dutch Movak (fashion trade school) I got first my costumière and then my coupeuse diploma. Here I learned the rundschau pattern drawing techniques.

HBO Artemis Academy
September 2006 to June 2008

At this school, I learned about both the artistic and “hard” business side of the fashion business and learned a lot about fabrics and materials. This allows me to give my students inspiration on color combinations and the many types of fabric.

Pattern designer Clo3d
December 2021 to present

Clo3D software is the industry leader for translating clothing into 3D in the fashion world. Clo3D is specially created to make clothes in 3D based on pattern pieces. Exactly how you would sew clothes together in real life.

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Very informative to follow and to get inspired again myself!